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The Department for Transport have recently announced that fixed penalty levels are expected to increase from July 2013. The changes are being introduced following an extensive public consultation which took place in 2012 with the road safety groups and Police forces.

The Department for Transport has justified these increases stating that fixed penalty levels for most motoring offences have not increased since 2000 and these changes are intended to ensure that penalties for motoring offences reflect the seriousness of the offence.



The increases will increase in July to:

A non-endorsable £30 Fixed Penalty Notice will rise to £50

An endorsable £60 and non-endorsable Fixed Penalty Notice will rise to £100

An endorsable £120 Fixed Penalty Notice will rise to £200

The Fixed Penalty Notice for driving with no insurance will rise from £200 to £300


One of the benefits from these changes will be that the Police will be given the power to issue fixed penalty notices for careless driving and allow them greater flexibility when dealing with less serious careless driving offences - such as tailgating or middle lane hogging. As a haulier we see all day everyday people sitting in the middle lane for mile after mile.

In France most of their motorways have only 2 lanes but the 2nd lane is used as intended, as an overtaking lane. People only use the 2nd lane when they over take and then return to the inside lane and this helps keep traffic flowing and prevents the build-up of traffic behind these slower drivers. A fixed penalty for people hogging the middle lanes is welcomed by us in the industry.


MOT Certificate
Do you know about all the changes to the MOT certificate?
In May 2013, BBC1’s consumer series ‘Don’t Get Done Get Dom’ ran a feature on how changes to the MOT certificate affect the public. The feature explained that the certificate is no longer proof that a car has a valid MOT and that people can check online to see if their MOT is legitimate.
To watch the piece click on the following link:

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Another new 7.5 ton truck ready for work and to join our ever increasing fleet of Courier vehicles working across the U.K. and Europe.  The additional vehicle will not only help us stay as the U.K's best courier company but will also generate new employment for a driver in these hard times.

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iPad mini winner

Our iPad mini prize draw winner


New Website Launched

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